Re-Discovering our true potential lies at the core of Acres of Diamonds. In a world clouded by fear, doubt, stress and anxiety, we’re on a mission to end mental suffering through mental fitness and the development of emotionally intelligent leadership. We need this more than ever, and the journey to discovering your own acres of diamonds awaits. Are you ready?


The Problem

Imagine consuming McDonald’s for every meal—how would your body feel? Now, consider feeding your mind the equivalent, what we’ll call “Mental McDonald’s”—how would that make you feel? Every day, we’re bombarded with fear, comparison, and doubt from various outlets, including news, social media, and out of date leadership practices that lack emotional intelligence. This constant consumption creates a breeding ground for stress, anxiety, and the belief of not being “enough”. With these thoughts circulating the minds of our managers, teammates, and work colleagues, how may this be affecting the success of your business?

The Solution


Our approach is aimed at increasing 2 areas, emotional intelligence, and mental fitness. We often forget we are humans first then employees, managers, owners, and CEO’s. We are emotional beings that have human needs to be seen, heard, and understood. If we don’t feel that, we will underachieve in every area of our lives.

Mental Fitness


Mental Fitness is our ability to navigate life’s challenges with more emotional resilience and curiosity. Much like physical fitness, it requires regular training and conditioning to enhance cognitive, emotional, and psychological well-being. Simply put, the more mentally fit you are the more adversity you can handle.

Our Programs

Introducing the Acres of Diamonds mental fitness program, a combination of emotionally intelligent leadership and mental fitness development, featuring the renowned Positive Intelligence (PQ) program developed by NY times best-selling author and Stanford Lecturer Shirzad Chamine. We guide clients through a customized program focusing on three critical areas of thinking: negative, neutral, and positive patterns. This unique program supports individuals in regaining their focus, identifying negative patterns of thought and redirecting them, all backed by scientific insight and data.


The Transformation

Boost Performance



Use Mental/Emotional Energy More Effectively


Improve Ability to Develop Others


Better at Teamwork and Collaboration

Improve Wellbeing



Increase Happiness


Manage Stress Better


Improve Self-Confidence

Strengthen Relationships



Improve Relationships


Better at Conflict Management


Improve Empathy

Join the #DailyDiamond Community

Each week we send out quick ideas on how to be more mentally fit throughout your day. These are brief 30 second ideas that help you handle challenges with more emotional resilience and curiosity.


Meet Our Coaches



Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer



Co-Founder and Chief Consistency Officer



Partner and Chief Operating Officer

What to Expect

I Am Ready to Find My Acres of Diamonds

At Acres of Diamonds, we understand life can be challenging, and that insecurity and fear can weigh heavily on your mind. That's why we provide the support and insight you need to strengthen your mental muscles. By making small changes to your thinking, you can overcome stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, and gain the confidence and clarity you deserve.


Take that first step today, and let us help you feel more empowered and confident; not just now, but forever.

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