The Next Level of Your CrossFit Gym Starts Here

Supporting CrossFit athletes with their mental fitness, handling challenge outside of the gym in the same way we handle challenge inside the gym.

Which of the following have you experienced:


Meeting Expectations:

Trying to meet expectations from various areas of life, potentially overcommitting. Saying yes to everything disrupts time management and leads to feeling spread too thin, resulting in low energy and missed moments with loved ones.


Accepting Uncertainty:

Trying to control every aspect of life, causing stress and anxiety as your mind runs wild with imagined scenarios.


Noticing the “Gaps”:

Finding short term happiness through external achievements but still feeling unfulfilled in the long term, leading to a sense of inadequacy, and never feeling like you're doing enough.


The Voice in My Head:

Negative self-talk and self-judgment, impacting self-image and belief in your ability to tackle challenges both in and out of the gym.



Prioritizing and setting boundaries between work and personal life, trying to not answer that “work” text, and leading to blurred lines and a constant struggle to be present with family and loved ones.


Habits and Routines:

Striving for consistency in personal routines and habits yet feeling defeated by setbacks and self-criticism for not meeting your high expectations, especially in areas like diet, exercise, mindfulness, self-care, and work.

The Solution

These pains are real, these are the modern-day challenges, they will always be there, we can’t change them, they are like weight in a gym. A 45lb plate will always be a 45 lb plate, we can’t change that.

Yet what can we change?

Our ability to handle that weight through fitness and exercise of our physical muscles.


What if we applied that same idea to the weight outside of the gym, like the stresses and pains described above? Otherwise known as LifeWeight™, any form of resistance that we feel outside of the gym.

That weight will remain the same, yet we will improve our ability to lift that weight through exercise of our mental muscles, known as mental fitness.

We improve our mental fitness in the same way we improve our physical fitness, through exercise. Eight different exercises presented in the same way as a CrossFit class, aimed to help you improve your ability to lift your LifeWeight by changing the way you think about it using neuroscience and positive psychology.

Seen . Heard . Understood

Have you ever felt like no one really understands you? Questioning if you are measuring up to others expectations of you or maybe your expectations of yourself?
- Because we have.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the pressures of daily life, asking yourself can I really do all of this? Can I handle all this uncertainty? Feeling like you can’t say no to events, activities and people and needing to prove yourself valuable and you end up feeling exhausted and depleted.
- Because we have.

Have you ever felt like people are going to see just how much you doubt yourself, exposing your fears, calling out your humanness, your blunders and flaws? Maybe if people really knew who you were or what you thought about, they would think you’re weird or wouldn’t like you.
- Because we have.

Do you ever ask yourself, am I doing the right things or could I be being doing more? Questioning if you have more in you and how do you know?
- Because we have.

Have you ever thought if I do this thing and fail, embarrass myself or look like an idiot what will others think of me? How will I hurt my reputation, my status or my beliefs in myself? I want to do new things, push myself and grow yet the fear of how others will judge me if I don't do a good job scares me.
- Been there, still here.

Have you ever thought that everyone else seems to be farther than you in the game of life, like they figured something out you didn’t, and you compare your life to theirs? You notice everything that is lacking in your life or unfulfilled.
- Because we have.

Have you ever felt alone? Searching for a place to be real without judgment and labels, a place where you can think into authenticity, lean into what's really on your mind and feel validation from people doing the same thing.
- Because we have.


You are not alone with these challenges, this is what we help CrossFit athletes overcome outside of the gym, the other 23 hours of their day, we help them lift their LifeWeights.

Register below for a free virtual or in person mental fitness workshop tailored for your gym,

going deeper into this practice and its application to various challenges inside and outside the gym. Within the Mental Fitness Workshop Package, which is part of the workshop, offers your members a free LifeWeight Course.

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Future Casting

Here’s what will happen…

Different LifeWeights will pop up in your life, you will have a plan on how to handle them. You will have access to a mental tool kit, you will have exercises to use to not only redirect your thinking to a place where you can handle that LifeWeight, yet also quickly create new ways to look at it by accessing a new portion of your brain you never knew existed. You shift the lens you look at the challenge through. 

Think about a certain lift in the gym, a deadlift, hang clean or power snatch. You have been trying to get a certain weight. You train for 60 days to get that weight and then you get it. Does that weight scare you anymore? Your training was the evidence you needed to get through that weight. This is what happens when you train your mind like a muscle, you no longer stress about those LifeWeights, because you have now trained your thinking to handle them.

This is what happens.

Imagine a CrossFit gym where every member experienced this? What would that do for that community?


What are you getting

Here is what you get:


Group Coaching Class

A non-judgmental platform where members come together in a group coaching class and are given an opportunity to be heard, seen and understood with their LifeWeight. You are listened to and guided through each exercise to gain a deeper understanding of shifting your thinking around your LifeWeight. Receive guidance from coaches with CrossFit and mental performance backgrounds.


Guided Mental Fitness Workouts

Receive daily app guided mental fitness workouts outside of the group to quiet your mind, improving your ability to focus your attention. You choose when your daily workouts will be, giving you total control over your mental fitness strategy.


Mental Fitness Plan

Receive complete program clarity and direction with our mental fitness plan, like a physical fitness or nutrition plan, just for your mind. Access all 8 different mental fitness exercises, additional workouts for your thinking, stress management tools and how to apply them. No need to have notebooks and extra loose-leaf paper, everything you need is right here in this workbook. This is your tangible takeaway from the program that gives you the step-by-step process to work through any challenge life throws at you.


Group Chat Connection

Receive weekly accountability updates and insight to stay connected with group members through our group messaging system. You get that extra push to stay consistent to yourself and the group and see the rewards of that consistency pay off. Coaches and members share insights, questions, podcasts and more to get you thinking and remember you are not alone with this transformation.

Register below for a free virtual or in person mental fitness workshop tailored for your gym,

going deeper into this practice and its application to various challenges inside and outside the gym. Within the Mental Fitness Workshop Package, which is part of the workshop, offers your members a free LifeWeight Course.

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Why should you listen to us?

In 2019 we developed this program because of our own challenges. As we began with 1:1 coaching we began to shift the program to something more suited for a team and community approach. We began partnering with businesses, teams, schools and organizations who believed in this type of work, the mental training that we often forget because it’s less tangible than physical training. 

We started to notice trends in what people struggled with and what we desired. As we worked with more and more businesses we began to modify each program to better suit that group, using their language, terms and cultural values to meet them where they were and helping them get what they want using mental fitness as the bridge to get there.

We then saw an opportunity to create a program specifically designed for CrossFit athletes and introduced new terms like LifeWeight, MINDWOD™, and CrossFit language to connect with CrossFitter’s quicker. We realized the correlation between resistance in the gym (physical weight like plates, dumbbells, kettlebells etc) and resistance outside of the gym (LifeWeight like meeting expectations, time management, work life balance etc.) and how this program could be applied to better managing that LifeWeight outside of the gym in the same manner we manage weight inside the gym. 

This is a mental fitness program designed for CrossFit athletes and CrossFit gyms that believe in training the whole human to handle all challenges life will throw our way. The best hour of your day just got better.

Take that first step today, and let us help you feel more empowered and confident; not just now, but forever.

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