The Libraries & Weight Rooms Podcast

The Libraries and Weight Rooms Podcast is your trusted source for simple strategies to improve your mental and physical fitness. We discuss how you can manage your mental health by practicing mental fitness—building emotional resilience and curiosity to handle life's challenges. We'll also highlight the crucial link between physical fitness and mental well-being. You are not alone with the challenges of mental well-being, stress, anxiety, fear and overwhelm.

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The Acres of Diamonds Podcast

We are on a mission to end mental suffering and build stronger emotionally intelligent leaders. Our world is changing faster than ever, which means our mental fitness and leadership must change as well. On the Acres of Diamonds podcast, we have powerful conversations with interesting people about leadership, mental fitness, the modern workforce, and strategies to thrive in today's world. Together we can help create a more mentally fit culture full of stronger emotionally intelligent leaders.

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