Combining emotionally intelligent leadership with mental fitness we have created the Acres of Diamonds mental fitness program. A key component to this program is the Positive Intelligence (PQ) program. We walk clients through a customized mental fitness program to align with your companies’ values and language.

Consider this scenario: you receive an email from your boss requesting a meeting in their office. Often, our initial thoughts lean towards the negative—what did I do wrong, or what mistake have I made? However, it’s entirely possible that your boss wants to commend you for exceptional work or to see how you’re doing. This highlights a key lesson we reinforce throughout our program: events hold no inherent meaning until we give them one which then creates the emotion we feel.

Here’s how it works:

8 weeks to develop the 3 core muscles of mental fitness and build life-long transformational thinking habits.

Week 0 : Introduction

Our first session we work on developing rapport and comfortability amongst the group. We discuss why we are here, what we are aiming to get from this experience and how it will all work.

Week 1 :Self – Command Muscle

Using a revolutionary technique called PQ Reps, you can strengthen your Self-Command muscle. These quick exercises take just 10 seconds and can be performed whether your eyes are open or closed. Through each PQ Rep, you gain increased control over your thoughts, manage negative thinking, and stimulate the positive areas of your brain.

Week 2-3 : Saboteur Interceptor Muscle

You have the power to intercept your primary Saboteurs as soon as they attempt to influence your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. As you engage in this practice, you'll uncover the falsehoods, constraining beliefs, and harm caused by your Saboteurs. This clarity ensures they can no longer deceive you into believing they serve your best interests.

Week 4-7 : Sage Muscle

You'll have the opportunity to practice the Sage Perspective, seeing problems or challenges as potential gifts and opportunities. Through the application of the 5 Sage Powers - Empathize, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate - you'll learn how to bring forth these gifts effectively. This practice empowers you to navigate obstacles with a newfound sense of insight and resourcefulness.

Through daily app guided work, and our weekly group sessions we allow teammates to feel seen, heard and understood, and collectively work towards developing life-long mental fitness habits and emotional resilience.

Imagine your employees all becoming more mentally fit, what would that do for your business?

Why is this what they really need?

Take that first step today, and let us help you feel more empowered and confident; not just now, but forever.

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