At Acres of Diamonds, we believe in uncovering the inherent greatness within every individual. We understand that daily life can often cloud this potential with fear, anxiety, and doubt. Our mission is to help you rediscover that greatness through mental fitness training and the development of emotionally intelligent leadership skills.

Our journey began in 2019 with a high school leadership class, where we discussed into the power of thought, emotional resilience, and authentic connections. After and incredible experience we realized there was something powerful here. In 2020, amid the challenges of COVID-19, we launched our first virtual mental fitness group to address the growing need for community and support during uncertain times.

Named after Russell Conwell’s timeless speech, ‘Acres of Diamonds,’ our program focuses on re-discovering your inherent potential. We’ve built our programs to create a safe space where individuals can be seen, heard and understood while also sharing vulnerabilities and finding common ground without judgment. Our journey has expanded into professional environments, partnering with forward-thinking organizations that prioritize their people’s well-being. We call them Renaissance Companies - organizations that are disrupters, they break away from the heard and understand putting their people first and investing in them leads to greater business success. If this is something you would like to bring to your business, team or organization please contact us and we would love to support your mission.

You are full of acres of diamonds - sometimes we need a little support from others to rediscover them.

Take that first step today, and let us help you feel more empowered and confident; not just now, but forever.

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