Mental Fitness can be best understood by comparing it to physical fitness. Just as physical fitness allows us to lift weight, mental fitness enables us to manage life’s challenges, or if you want to call it “life weight”. Consider your mind as a muscle-how much weight could it handle? Weight such as tight work deadlines, conflicts with colleagues, or even personal responsibilities like finances and family matters. By strengthening our mental muscles, we increase our emotional resilience to handle these challenges, reducing stress and anxiety’s impact on both our professional and personal lives.

Can we see now how our daily consumption of social media, news, mainstream media, and outdated leadership styles are weakening our mental muscles? This is how we have come to record-breaking numbers of mental health and anxiety challenges we are facing today.

When surveying our clients we asked them, what problems does this work help you with the most?

Below were their responses:

  • Managing Negative Self-Talk - That nasty voice inside your head that sometimes isn’t that nice to you.
  • Strategies to manage stress quickly - In the moment focus, not yesterday – not tomorrow
  • Getting your thinking to neutral before positive - When stress hits, no one wants to be told “stay positive”
  • Creating a mental fitness routine - Just like a weekly physical workout routine, yet faster.
  • Building stronger relationships - Vulnerability – Trust – Deeper Relationships – More Successful Business

Imagine the younger you, the little you when you were 5 years old, would you speak to that person the way you speak to yourself today?

What would it do for your business to know who your team members really are and what they have been through?

How would your life change designating 10 minutes a day to strengthening your mental muscles so you can handle any challenge that hits you?

We know how to solve this problem; the question is are you ready to solve it? Or do you want to continue to be stressed and uneasy because that’s just “life”? Some people like to be stressed because it keeps them common amongst the other stressed people. It gives them something to talk about and relate to. But there’s people who are ready to leave that weakened and sheltered community. Are you one of those people?


Take that first step today, and let us help you feel more empowered and confident; not just now, but forever.

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